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We will check out your website, run a few checks and see how you fair for Search Engine Optimazation. We will then contact you and give you a report on what we find, and any suggestions we have to improve your Google Search Rankings.

Welcome to Tweak Your Page (TYP) Search Engine Optimization Services, we provide a whole range of internet marketing services to the small businesses of Northern California.  We can help your business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web page design, setting up a blog, managing your social media presence, making sure your page is mobile friendly or help you manage your pay per click advertising.  If your page is going to generate new customers and valuable leads for you, it has to be seen, and to be seen, you have to rank on Google and Bing.

94% of consumers search on the internet when looking to buy a product or find a new service provider.  If your business is not online, the chances of someone stumbling across you are pretty slim, when was the last time you used a phone book? These days it’s not just enough to put up a website, if people can’t find it on the front page of a search engine, you will not see much traffic from it. Search Engine Optimization will help your website climb the ranks to the front page of those search results.

Nobody clicks to the second page when searching, want to hide something, put it on page two of a google search is how the saying goes!  There are really only two ways to get to the top, you can pay Google or Yahoo, by Paying to be one of the top "sponsored" results, or you can get your website to rank organically with good content and optimization.  Paying guarantees you’re at the top of the list, but do people really look at the sponsored spots?  I know I don’t.  You need to be near the top and we can help get you there.

Here at TYP, we bring together a team with years of Marketing, Internet Marketing, retail and IT experience.  We have also partnered with some of the biggest Search Engine Optimization training companies out there to help us stay current and know what is working and what has started to fail.  We invest the time so that you do not have to.

Most small businesses cannot afford a full-time internet marketer, the family-run companies may not have time to spend hours on research and updating their website, that’s where we come in, we will manage that all for you.  We will work closely with you to decide on the best content, optimization strategies and marketing for your site.

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Mobile Internet penetration is forecast to reach 71% by 2019. - Global Internet Report 2015, Internet Society.

Services We Offer

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization has several threads that make up it's foundation.  It involves the target website's content, images, videos and overall design.  There needs to be sufficient content, with good grammar, correct spelling and optimal layout.  The code behind the scenes has to be well structured and make use of the right ratios of code to text.  The page needs to make use of a varied set of headings, markup and references.

Our team stay on top of changes  to the search technology and adjust our strategies to stay at the forefront of Search Engine Strategies and techniques.

Our SEO techniques will get your site ranking locally for the important keywords in your local market.

Web Page Design

We use an industry standard framework in our site construction, make for fast, reliable and easy to maintain sites that even a relative novice can add content to themselves.

This platform allows us to change up the look and feel of a website in a relatively short period of time and keeps labor costs to a minimum.  The platform is built with search engine optimization in mind and there are thousands of pages using it to rank on Google and Yahoo.

There are many options and add-ons to the sites to tailor them to the specific needs of our clients and their customers.

The sites are secure and robust to help prevent security breaches and keep users data as safe as possible.

Mobile Friendly

It is estimated that over 66% of internet views are now performed on a mobile device, be that a smart phone or tablet.  As such it is important that your website has viewability on these devices and that it scales to the resolution of the readers device.

Google recently made changes to their search engine algorithms that give responsive sites an advantage in search results for searches made on a mobile platform.

We build our sites to use responsive platforms and themes.

Social Media Presence

Facebook gets a lot of searches and millions of hits every day, it can be a great way of funneling traffic to your actual website.

We can offer several levels of service in the social media arena, from a quick setup of your page and walking you through how to post and maintain it, to a full spectrum service of writing and posting articles for you.

MySpace was a popular portal a few years ago and has recently started to make a bit of a comeback, especially with the music niche, and while it can be sometimes confusing to configure, we can help with that.

Website Re-Builds

As we mentioned previously it is vital that your website is mobile friendly, if it doesn't show correctly one someones phone at best, they leave the site without the information they want.  The worst case scenario means that your site won't even come up in the searches made from a mobile device.

If your current site isn't mobile friendly or "responsive" we can rebuild the site to make it mobile compatible, or even create a second website that will load for people on mobile devices and leaving your current site intact for people viewing on a computer.

Lead Generation

If your phone isn't ringing, you're not making money, it's a simple fact.  Referrals from past customers and friends of the family can only get you so far.  You need to grow your customer base to keep growing your business,

Maybe you are a small electrical company or home cleaning service and don't want the expenses and time involved in running an online marketing campaign or website.

What may be perfect for you is our bespoke lead generation service.  We will build and rank a website for you, manage it and promote it to get your phone ringing.  We have the correct plan for your budget, we can charge you a flat monthly fee, you can pay per lead or we may even discuss a commission based fee on successful sales.


Staying on Top of the Changes

Google traditionally makes hundreds of changes per year, both major and minor tweaks, that will change where your site ranks in google searches. The big changes for 2016 have been targeting searches made from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, this change will mean you will rank lower on searches made from mobile devices.

The number of algorithm changes Google typically makes in a year 500-600!  We invest time and money into staying on top of these changes and keeping our Search Engine Optimization techniques and practices current and effective.

Do not waste your resources and time trying to stay on top of these changes, let us TYP SEO Services be your personal SEO Experts.

Google Search Engine Optimaztion

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Though we are primarily based in Walnut Creek, California, we operate through out The Bay Area and Central Valley down as far as Fresno and even Bakersfield.  Physical location isn't important though as nearly all our work can be carried out remotely and we can gather information, interview and build all pages offsite.  If you're in Concord, Porterville, Visalia or the coffee shop just down the street, all locations are just a click away from our Walnut Creek location.


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