The New iPhone 7, how will it affect you and your small business?

So rumors abound for the new iPhone 7, the official announcement has confirmed that the new phone will be water resistant, have dual cameras and no headphone jack!  First and foremost is the expected announcement that the new phone will NOT include a headphone jack.  “Big deal, my headset is blue tooth anyway!”  One quick effect of this I see is that of the small businessman that uses his iPhone and the many different credit card readers to accept payments.  There are one or two wireless options out there, but the majority are not as reliable as the ones that just plug into the headphone jack.

Then there are the iPhone fanatic Video Blogging community, lots of those love the iPhone for the 4k video and higher quality cameras, but lots also use an external or plug-in mic with their phone to improve sound quality, what will their options be now?

Will this stop people jumping to the new iPhone as fast as they have in the past? I think it may even push people from the platform and over to Android, but who knows.  I’m sure it will have an initial impact, but who knows the full effect this will have.

If you are a small startup, $40 might be the week’s gas, and that is the difference in price between the reliable headphone socket reader and the flighty wireless one, $10 versus $50.  I don’t think something like this is going to have a major effect on sales of the new iPhone, but I do think it may trickle down and affect the types of card readers that are available down the road.

The smartphone and its music ability have certainly changed my car.  I no longer have a CD changer or even a CD player, it does have a USB connector and Bluetooth audio capability that allows easy access to my phone that can carry all my music.

Pre-orders of the iPhone begin today and they officially go on sale on September 16th.   So remember, if you use your iPhone to collect Credit Card payments for your small business, make sure you have a wireless reader before upgrading.

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